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Long Handout for Researching North Carolina Ancestors

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Long Handout for Researching North Carolina Ancestors
Posted: 11/10/2023 - 5:27 pm
File Attachment: 1699655256_LONG_HANDOUT_NC_Genealogy_FXGS_Nov_23.pdf
This handout supplements the short handout that accompanied the Researching North Carolina Ancestors talk given at the FxGS Monthly Meeting on 18 Nov 2023.  This handout provides background information and sources about NC: it's geography, settlement patterns, ethnic groups, religious groups, migration patterns in and out of the state, and a timeline of major events in the state.  The handout then discusses the various types of records useful to genealogists and where to look for them.  The remaining sections include NC-Specific sources of information and links to those sites.  There are descriptions of what various archives and libraries contain, as well as what types of information can be found at various genealogy and historical societies.  This is followed by some general resources that may be useful to put your ancestors into context, help you calculate birth dates from tombstone information, locate colonial laws, and more.