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Founded 1991

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Field Trip/Road Trip SIG
Join a group of fellow genealogists and family historians from the Mount Vernon Genealogical Society in Field Trips or Road Trips to various repositories or historic sites!
The usual meeting day for the FT/RT SIG is the fourth Friday each quarter. On occasion, the outing will be moved to the following Saturday.
Training and education is offered prior to and in conjunction with several upcoming Field Trips or Road Trips. Be sure to check the list of Training and Education classes. Outings to repositories usually include a brief orientation from one of the librarians or archivists. Members of the SIG then have time to research together or separately with possible communal snack and lunch breaks. 
The meeting time for the orientation is dependent on the travel time to and the opening time of the repository. For visits to historic sites or walking tours, the meeting time is dependent on the number of attendees and the availability of scheduling group tours. Carpooling or public transporation is encouraged to repositories or historic sites.
Past outings of the FT/RT SIG include: the DAR Library, the Library of Congress, a walking tour of antebellum Alexandria. Upcoming outings include: the Maryland Archives, the Library of Virginia, the National Labor Union Archives.
If you would like to join the Field Trip/Road Trip SIG, or if you have questions or comments, please contact Stephanie Campbell at

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Research Library Closure
Due to roof replacement and new HVAC equipment being installed at the Senior Center, our Library will be shut down starting April 1, 2023, through June 30, 2023. We will continue to hold any SIGs, training & education & monthly meetings either in person or on Zoom.

June 1
INSTRUCTOR:  Linda MacLachlan    The workshop that was scheduled for 5 June from 1-3pm has been cancelled.  I apologize for any inconvenience this causes.   The purpose of the workshop is to learn how to use the website more ...
June 15
On-Site Research at the Library of Virginia
INSTRUCTOR:  Amy Breedlove   Ties in to MVGS Field trip in late July 2023.    In preparation for the MVGS field trip to the Library of Virginia in late July 2023, this class will cover the on-site resources available at ...
June 20
Mapping Your Neighborhood
Virtual Meeting via Zoom (members can get the Registration link in the Members Only section) Presenter Name – Chuck Mason   Title of Presentation – Mapping Your Neighborhood   Synopsis of Presentation:  Where did our ancestors live, shop, work, attend church, ...
July 10
Entering Information onto FamilySearch's Family Tree
INSTRUCTOR:  Linda MacLachlan    The purpose of the workshop is to learn how to post information onto the family tree on the website.  Workshop is limited to 6 folks.   Please remember to create a free account, if you ...
July 11
Great Aunt Della Died - Did You Inherit Anything?
INSTRUCTOR:  Chuck Mason   Did your ancestor leave a will?  If not how was their property disposed of and who received what?  What records were created and what can they tell you about your ancestor's life and their family?  Depending ...